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Return Man 5 – Linebacker

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5ReturnManYou must have completed all previous version of the game if you are now searching for the 5th one. In fact, Return Man 5 is a bit different from the previous versions of the game. Sure, the game has the same graphics and same awesome gameplay but the aim of player is not the same. If you remember, in the previous versions you were playing as a returner – a player who has to get the ball and score a touchdown. In Return Man 5 you are playing as linebacker – the last line of the defense line who has to stop the attack and not let them score a touchdown. This might be a difficult task because the attack players are fast and stopping them can be a real problem.

In Return Man 5 you will also have ability to make special moves to stop your enemy.Keep in mind that they are locked at the beginning of the game. You unlock them as you progress. But another issue is that the enemy attack line is also getting stronger and faster. You will need all your skills to stop the attack and get the ball. So, what are you waiting for, go and tackle the players to get the ball and win the round. Enjoy the full version of Return Man 5 at our website.